Wednesday, May 15

I like drinking water in a big way

A few months ago, my big bottle for water drinking went missing. I think I packed it into the car for a road trip at some point, and then it didn't come back upstairs, and now it's nowhere to be found. I've checked the car, many times; the house, and every corner of it; and in the grass outside, because why not. Anyway, I've been without this bottle, and have been getting by with an awesome Starbucks reusable venti cup. The cup though, doesn't hold as much water, and therefore, I'm not drinking as much water. (It doesn't sound like that makes sense, but really, it does.) I realized the other day that I really don't like drinking my big water drinks out of a straw.
Thus began the search for a new water bottle. And wouldn't you know it, the first place I looked, my local grocery store, had an excellent replacement. It's comfortable in the hand, holds more than 30 ounces of water, and is, by Sydney's description, "a good color of purple." All very important attributes.
I filled up the bottle for the first time this afternoon, and have had to refill it twice already. Lots of water means a whole lot of healthy flushing through my system.
Daisy is less enthusiastic about my new water bottle, but I continue to enjoy it.

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