Monday, May 20

Boxes are no longer being counted

I've stopped keeping count of my boxes. I did pack another two today, and started three others, but as to the whole number, I have only an inkling. I'm thinking more than 50, definitely. As the movers arrive three weeks from today, I am getting quite excited about leaving the state of Texas. I've got most of my kitchen done, and a large portion of the office. I'm starting my list for the last couple weeks here, and also for once we get to Arizona. I'm a "short timer," which is fun and exciting, but also it's getting a bit stressful. I can tell because I feel like this blog post is rambling.
Also, Sydney lost one of her front top teeth tonight. She's got a huge gap in her smile, and she's incredibly happy and excited about it. The Tooth Fairy will be visiting our house tonight.

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