Wednesday, April 17

The Senate failed us today

I'm pretty irritated at the United States Senate, and how spectacularly it has failed the American people, in favor of the National Rifle Association and special interests. How can you have a measure -- universal background checks before gun purchases -- that 90 percent of the people in the country agree on, and then not vote to approve it? On how many issues do 90 percent of the American people agree? Not a whole lot, to be sure. In fact, this may be the only thing that amount of people have agreed on for a very long time.
And in what universe does a "majority" of 100 senators mean that it has to be 60 votes? I thought a majority of 100 was 51. But then again, I'm not too good at the math. Still, the Senate and its special interests failed the American people today, and that's a shame. It's sad.
After a day like yesterday, it's particularly upsetting to have our own government do its best to continue to not protect us better. It actively chose to not protect us better. There's something very wrong there. It's disconcerting.
(Boxes done today: 6; as of now: 24.)

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