Thursday, April 11

Lotsa medicines, some are for people

I was on the hunt for one of Daisy's pain pills this evening, since she tweaked her back again at some point this afternoon, and got distracted. Of course, she got her pill first, because it's more important that she feel better. But then, you know me, I got into the zone of cleaning out the medication drawer. It has, obviously, been quite some time since I did that. We had Sudafed, Midol and all manner of other things that were four, five or even six years expired. Also, there is a buttload of bandages. And burn cream for, you know, in case you accidentally touch a super hot stove burner.
There is a great amount of dog medications for all kinds of issues, too, like ear infections, eye infections, and more ear infections. Happily, also Daisy's pain medications were labeled and easy to find. She's taking it easy tonight; and is currently chilling on her cushion in the living room. I don't look forward to lifting her up onto the bed tonight. That usually earns me a yelp. As will putting her on the floor in the morning. But by this time tomorrow night, she should be feeling better. Crazy overweight dog with her back problems and not jumping off things properly.

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