Tuesday, April 23

Dog fight. Really. She fights.

So, my dog attacked another dog today.
My princess, Daisy, attacked another dog.
We had just gotten home from the groomers (so she's looking pretty, too). There was a lady walking her two dogs, about Oliver's size, in the grassy area in front of the parking spots. Sydney was standing outside my open car door, and I had Daisy on my lap, hooking on her leash. With the leash on her now, I put Daisy on the ground and handed Sydney the handle. Daisy started barking at the other dogs, which is usual for her for some reason, and started to head over to the grass.
The woman, meanwhile, had picked up one of her dogs, and was heading across the grass to leave the area. I said to Sydney, who is, by the way, old enough to hold on to a dog leash, "Hold on to that leash, please. Don't let her go." Sydney, of course, heard, "Go ahead and let Daisy walk over to the dogs she's barking at and drop the leash handle, too."
It's funny, because I see my little princess drop the leash, and my other little princess, barking ferociously, start charging at this other dog on the ground. Daisy, leash trailing, still barking, runs up to this other dog, and lifts her front legs and lunges at this other dog. Her front feet hit this dog on its shoulders, and she pushes it back. Most bizarre thing I've ever seen.
It's at this moment that I reached the leash handle and grabbed it, then pulled Daisy back, as she's still barking and lunging at this other dog. Of course, I apologized profusely, and pulled my princess back to my side. The lady was very nice, and said that it was okay. I told her that I appreciate her saying that, but that it is definitely not okay. And that I, again, am so sorry. She kept on heading home, and I was stuck standing there in the grassy area with my vicious, BI-PEDAL, princess and fighting machine.

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