Saturday, April 20

Cupcakes are very good for you

A few weeks ago, we discovered that a cupcake bakery was being built in the shopping center down the street from our house. It's in the same shopping center as my Starbucks, which seems like fate, right? All my loves converging in one strip mall.
Sydney and I were very concerned that the bakery might not open before we leave in June. We've conducted several drive-bys in the last few weeks. We decided to do one today, and were incredibly pleased to discover a "Now Open" sign above the bakery! We parked right in front, and were greeted by people who work at the bakery, and a tray of cupcakes. They were giving away samples today, because the place is soft opening on Monday, and grand opening on Friday, but they wanted to drum up some interest and get everything working in there.
They had three different cupcakes for our tasting pleasure: red velvet, pink vanilla, and German chocolate. Given those choices, we both decided on the pink vanilla, which is vanilla cake with their signature pink buttercream frosting. Neither of us were interested in the cake, as we both prefer chocolate (we did taste the cake, and I remembered I don't like vanilla cake), but both of us were pleased with the frosting. They also had the menu for their core flavors. These intrigued me:
Pink chocolate, which is a chocolate cake with the pink frosting. This will be Sydney's and my favorite. ... Choco-holic, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. ... Lemon, a lemon cake filled with tangy lemon and topped with lemon buttercream. ... Decadent fudge, chocolate or vanilla cake topped with a fudge frosting.
We can't wait for next week! Cupcakes in the house!!

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