Tuesday, July 12

Wet and dripping phone = bad day

It's always so fun when you can look at an event from during our day and say, "My goodness, that was the dumbest thing I've done in a while." And now, you're all, "So, what happened." Oh, nothing really. I just dropped my iPhone in the swimming pool. "How did that happen?" It was very easy, actually. I had the phone semi-wrapped and somewhat-protected in a towel, and when I pulled the towel out of the bag, the phone just kinda plopped into the pool. As far as depth is concerned, it wasn't to bad: first step heading into the water, about six inches deep. As for time submerged, also not too bad: about five seconds.
Immediate issues with the phone included its inability to turn off; it thought the headphones were plugged in; and the home button was not working. "So, what now?" The phone is sleeping soundly (finally, it turned off) in a Tupperware bowl of uncooked rice. Tomorrow morning, I'll check to see if it's working properly. From there, in either case, I'll figure it out from there. Good phone: Yay! All is well! Bad phone: tearful visits to the AT&T and Apple stores?

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