Wednesday, July 20

9 years, 364 days

Well, we had a pretty good day today. We've got issues bubbling up here and there though, and I can't talk about it quite yet, so I'm dealing with that. I always re-realize how therapeutic my little blog here is when I'm not able to write about something bothering me, or that I'm struggling with. Hopefully, at this time tomorrow, I should have all kinds of things to write about.
One of those things should be how awesome my 10-year wedding anniversary was. Brian and I just had a conversation about how we haven't bought each other anything. Not even a card. But we are going on a fantastically awesome trip this weekend.
We just said, "Maybe we should get some food?" "But we're broke." "I know."
So, beyond swim school, I have no idea what my anniversary day will entail.

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