Friday, June 24

Just reading!

So, you're probably all, "Where the hell have you been?"
Honestly, I've been reading. I'm so sucked into this Black Dagger Brotherhood series that I've been powering through a book a night. I'm currently six into the stack. I've got two more on the pile, and one to buy via iBooks because I don't want to get the hardcover. I'll buy the paperback when it is released. But my goodness, I haven't been so caught up in a book series or author, and able to just read them all one after the other, since I discovered Sidney Sheldon all those years ago (after which I discovered Anne Rice). It's pretty cool to be able to just power through the books, but I'm getting the feeling that I'm going to go through some pretty serious withdrawals when I finish that last one that's out.
On the up side, I've caught up on my "one book a month" New Year's Resolution with a frickin' vengeance. I passed it two days ago, and will probably be digging into the "October" book this afternoon.
Also, I've let my farm go to a withered wasteland for the last few days, so it's not just the blog. Thankfully, Brian, Sydney, the dogs and my stomach can be vocal, else I'm sure other things would have gone by the wayside, too!
Can't. Stop. Reading. These.

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