Saturday, June 18

Almost like a girly girl

We didn't go to the drive-in tonight, as Brian decided that we should go tomorrow night instead. And since tomorrow is Father's Day, it's all about him!
I'm wearing earrings today. I don't usually wear any jewelry, but I found these adorable little flowers for the ears, and simply had to wear them. What's weird is that I wear earrings so seldom that I can actually feel them in my ears, and right now, I'm getting a bit of a headache from them. This is random because they are very small, and shouldn't bother me at all.
I've been wearing my watch regularly, too. I'm seriously considering wearing my wedding rings again. What the heck is going on? I've also been toying around with the idea of finding an easy, two-minute make-up routine for every day. My god, what is happening to me?
As I explained to Mom, I guess, at 38 years old, I should start going out in public like a grown-up, and not like a teenager fresh out of the gym. Earrings, watch, make-up and a wedding ring? Maybe once I get to Texas. Don't ask me about an official hairstyle that must be done every day though. There, I draw the line!

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