Thursday, February 24

I guess I'll forever be just writing about it

Sydney and I watched the launch of the space shuttle Discovery this afternoon. It was weirdly awesome sharing my own secret (and not so secret) obsession with her. We watched the five-minute countdown, and she humored me well by asking questions, staying put on my lap, and pretending like this meant as much to her as it did to me. I almost cried as I watched the launch, knowing it was the last one, and that I've never seen one in person, and now, never will. Still, it was pretty special for me to watch the launch with her.
I'll tell her about it one day, that she sat so patiently on my lap as I waxed nostalgic and melancholy about my own never-realized dreams of flying into space on the shuttle. And she'll say to me, "Well, why didn't you do it?" And I'll have to admit that I was never an astronaut because it required too much math.

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