Friday, April 2

Fun with hard-boiled eggs

I had to call my mom for instructions on hard-boiling eggs this afternoon.

1.) Pinprick the eggs, then drop them CAREFULLY into a large pot of water.
2.) Bring the water to a gentle, but rolling, boil. This may take longer than you expect it will.
3.) Boil the eggs for 15 minutes.
4.) Remove from heat, allow to cool by running water into pot.

I hard-boiled the eggs earlier, with my Super Helper, and then we waited for Brian to get home. Sydney was beside herself waiting. Every five minutes, "Are we painting eggs soon? When Daddy gets home?" The second that Brian walked through the door, she was running to him, calling out about the eggs, asking him if he was ready to paint them. It was a pretty fantastic experience, showing her how to dye the eggs. But, in putting the child in charge of any process when it came to the eggs, we have two crunched eggs now. But still, it's a very colorful bowl of Easter eggs in my refrigerator right now.
Also, Sydney, Brian and I discussed the activity of the Easter Bunny. "He's like Santa Claus. He comes into the house at night after everyone goes to sleep, and then hides the eggs. He might leave other stuff for you, too. Tomorrow, we'll pick up some carrots for the Easter Bunny, in case he's tired and hungry when he gets to our house."
She was slightly freaked, I think, when considering the visual of the huge Easter Bunny wandering through the home. The excitement of the aftermath, i.e., a frickin' HUGE basket, will totally make up for any concerns over the Bunny in her house. Of course, if it comes up in conversation, we'll tell her, "Mommy and Daddy will be here. No worries, baby girl."

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