Friday, April 16

Catch you Sunday!!

I'm almost ready to head out for the girls' trip, and I just wanted to drop a quick post and remind you that you'll be without my witty banter for a couple days. Sorry. But I am so looking forward to this trip! I've got all my clothes packed; all the towels we may need; the snacks that will be totally required by the spirit of the weekend, but opposed by the spirit of my new dedication to working out; and, yes, tequila. Not a lot of tequila, but the one bottle that Brian was given that we know we'll never drink here, between the two of us. I've taken the car seat out of my vehicle's backseat, and vacuumed out all the food crumbs that accumulated under that seat. I'm all ready, I think. I do need to stop for some margarita mix, and another bottle of tequila. I didn't get that done this morning. Weirdly, I just didn't feel right taking my kid into a liquor store with me. So that'll get done on my way. First stop though, is Starbucks on my way onto the freeway.
Yay mini-vacation!!

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