Tuesday, April 27

Bye, bye, "Bachelor"

ITEM!: I love it when all is right in my little dancing "stars" universe. I've been bothered by Jake Pavelka quite a bit over the last few weeks, and it is with happiness and contentment that I say goodbye to him on tonight's Dancing with the Stars. The irritating little Tom Cruise lookalike will no longer be gracing the dance floor, and I'm perfectly okay with it.
ITEM!: Is it weird that I get a real charge out of moving stuff around in my house? I had an idea yesterday for moving Sydney's toys (because a good amount of them are in the living room area) into her room. It's hard to enforce quiet time playing in her room when all her good toys are in a different room. So the castle with a cushion has become a toy castle, without a cushion, and with all her stuff in it. I'm really happy with it. This, of course, gets me looking around at what other stuff I can move around. Currently, I'm okay with the rest of the house, but we'll see where this mood pulls me over the next couple days.
ITEM!: I am beyond annoyed about the newest immigration legislation here in Arizona, and I'm bugged by it to the tenth degree. Sadly, there's nothing I can do about the ignorance in this state. I'm still a registered voter in California, and I'm trying to deal with all the ignorance out there. I can't vote for the opposition here. It's a disturbance to see that Arizona has become a punching bag (rightfully so, I totally disagree with the legislation) for the rest of the country. I don't like feeling like I need to defend myself for living here, by saying, "You know, we're not ALL like that. Some of us would LOVE for this state to get a bit bluer and more tolerant."
ITEM!: CNN.com's Quick Vote on its web site asks, "Should humans fear space aliens?" I vote yes, because honestly, what are the odds that some creatures are going to fly across the universe just to sit and drink some tea while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns with us? They'll want to run experiments on us, just like, sadly, our government would do to them. The poll results are: 64 percent (11,920 votes) said "No." Really people? You do think they'll enjoy the chamomile. Thirty-six percent (6,793 votes) said "Yes." The realists, we'll call them. I thoroughly enjoy the CNN Quick Vote. It's at once ridiculous and weirdly informative.

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