Saturday, April 10

Bugs bug me

I'm getting really, really tired of the bugs I've got flying around inside my house. I've got random here-and-there flies, what seem to be gnats of some kind, and recently, a couple of those daddy-long-legs. I don't like things flying around my house. It makes my skin crawl, and generally, just pisses me off.
Mom and I concluded that the grassy knoll outside may be the root of all this evil, so when we visited Home Depot this afternoon, we bought an eco-friendly (of course) insect and bug killer that you apply to the grass. I wanted to do it tonight, but the decision was made to do it in the morning when it's even cooler. I'm kinda watching a daddy-long-legs fly around the ceiling of my living room right now. I think it's the one Brian "killed" earlier. He says he killed it, but he refused to dispose of the carcass, so until I get up and check for the body, I'll assume Brian wasn't as lethal as he thought.
Tomorrow morning, the bug killer goes out on the grass. I am hating all these little intruders in my home. So, bug spray on the house plants, too. I will FINISH these little bastards, and they'll be sorry they ever thought that they would live happily ever after in MY house.

UPDATE: Brian and I just went on a killing spree. We have claimed a daddy-long-legs, and a small month-like thing as our victims. A fly swatter was our weapon of choice for this massacre. And an effective weapon it certainly was. BWAAA HAAA HAAA!!!

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