Wednesday, April 21

Ben & Jerry are nice guys

I read an article this morning about how Ben & Jerry's picks the company's new ice cream flavors. I won't go into much detail on that, but instead, will take this time to share my weird late-in-life developed love with Ben & Jerry's. For so long, I had never been a fan of the ice cream, which I thought only produced the flavors Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia.
You know how I've said that you can't live in Boston and not become a fan of the Red Sox? Well, you also can't live in the Northeast and not become a fan of the Vermont-based ice cream. Their farm, including the actual production line, Flavor Graveyard, cows, and gift shop, is the coolest.
Based on the geographical proximity, I felt compelled to try more of the company's flavors. Compelled, I tell you! Of course, with my love of chocolate, most every experiment had to begin with the chocolate ice cream base. I tried a couple vanilla-based flavors, most notably the cookie dough, and enjoyed most of them. I'm still me though, and a bunch of flavors will probably never be tested.
My favorites: BROWNIE BATTER; Chocolate; Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough; Chocolate Fudge Brownie (is there a theme here?); Strawberry Cheesecake; and Strawberry. I was once tricked into tasting Chunky Monkey. It has banana in it. Why would someone poison ice cream with banana flavor? Apparently though, I made a wonderfully disgusted face across the conference table. I'm glad I amuse.
So you'll know that my love knows no bounds, I also have downloaded the Ben & Jerry's app for my phone. It tells me where the shops are, what flavors are available, and even lets me save my own favorites in a "freezer" file. I like it a lot, also, because the icon is a little ice cream cone, and that's cute.

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