Monday, May 11

"Sure, I'll just sit here while you fly..."

The space shuttle Atlantis launched today for another repair mission to the Hubble space telescope. I didn't see it in real time on television, but I did watch it this afternoon online. It's such a cool thing ... really. The other cool thing is that the shuttle Endeavour is on the second launch pad and ready to go in case there is an incident and the astronauts need to be rescued. The International Space Station is in a completely different orbit and would be no help should an accident occur, and the other shuttle would be their only help. Which is an incredibly cool aspect to this entire mission.
Here's a picture of Endeavour resting comfortably on its pad as Atlantis launches.

Tonight was the semifinal round of competition on Dancing with the Stars, the most ridiculous of my television obsessions. And if there is any justice in the world, Ty Murray will be going home tomorrow night. It's an absolute travesty that he's actually still in this game. He's just ... awful. You know what else is awful? How crazy subjective the judges' voting is in regards to Melissa Rycroft. I thought she rocked the house on both her dances, and the judges came back with random criticisms like she didn't look like she was enjoying the dance. Or that she was too floaty, or fluid, or something. I think they were looking for a reason to judge her low. As for my other favorite contestant, Gilles Marini, he was awesome with a capital "AWE." Again, this may be the finals of my dreams and worst nightmares: I love both the competitors, and I don't want one to have to lose.
My DWTS voting (5 votes allowed):
Gilles Marini ~ 2 votes.
Melissa Rycroft ~ 2 votes.
Shawn Johnson ~ 1 vote.
Ty Murray ~ 0 votes.

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