Thursday, May 28

Old school, 80's movie reference! That's great!

So this morning, Sydney and I did something that could possibly be the coolest thing we've done together in a long time. We went to the movies. There's this program out here, called Summer Movie Fun, at the Harkins Theatres in the area, where kids and their parent(s) can see movies for super cheap throughout the summer. For $7 each, Sydney and I have seats in 10 movies over the next 10 weeks. This week's film was Space Chimps. I'm somewhat ashamed to tell you that I giggled through more parts of the movie than she did. She was all, "Mommy! Monkeys!" I'm all, "Dude; that's Axel F he's playing!"
The movies themselves range from the G rating to PG, and are both animated and live action. Next week's film is Nim's Island. That's a bit too mature for my little two-year-old, so we'll pass on that one. Sadly, the next week, we'll be in California, so we'll miss Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!.
I'm ridiculously excited about getting Sydney hooked on movies. I would love so much to have a little movie partner, who not only loves the movies themselves, but totally digs the experience, too. I can't wait for the next one!

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