Friday, May 8

It makes me want to scream LOUDLY

How's this for a crappy capper on a bad week? I got hit-and-runned yesterday morning. (I simply could not blog about it last night. I was so upset! But Sydney and I are fine.) I was stopped behind a big construction truck at a red light, and it rolled back into the hood of my car. I hopped out to get the driver's attention, and as I got almost to the cab, the light turned green and he, and the four or five cars ahead of him, started to move forward. By the time I got back in the car to move forward and catch up to him, the light turned red again, and the truck ran straight through the light! I didn't run the light to follow him (the more responsible action, so says my mom), and ended up losing him in the ensuing traffic. Irritatingly, I didn't get the license plate either. Damn it, I was so distracted by the shock and awe of this ridiculous act! Anyway, I'm dealing with the insurance company now, and am waiting for a visit from a claims adjuster to look at the car. On the good side of this, the car is drivable, and seems to be running just fine. I'd have posted a picture of the hood for you all, but I really don't have the heart to take one. Grr. I told Brian that I felt so violated, like someone just walked up to me, punched me in the face, and then walked away ... happily and jauntily ... with a frickin' spring in their step.

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