Tuesday, May 12

I really do hate it ... "rrrrrrrrrrrr"

ITEM!: And finally, all is right in my crazy, little dancing world! Ty Murray got the cowboy boot tonight on Dancing with the Stars, and I'm pretty pleased with that outcome. I've only been verbally hoping for that for weeks. You remember the last season I watched when I correctly picked every celebrity to be knocked out that night? Well, this season definitely is not like that one.
ITEM!: The update on the LA Fitness situation: I ended up having to cancel my membership at the one gym, with the cancellation form postmarked by the 8th of May to avoid the next billing cycle, and starting a new one at the local gym, which I did today. And (another!) finally, I can start going to the gym again! I miss the treadmill so much! And the daycare also is an awesome thing for us in the afternoon. Happy activity in a cool environment? Yay!
ITEM!: I dropped my car off at the body shop this morning. The guy couldn't give me an estimate on how long the repair would take (huh? Whatever.), but said he'd call this afternoon or tomorrow morning (I guess it's tomorrow). Naively, I think that since they're really just replacing the hood, it can't possibly take too long. And let me just say, I HATE driving this Dodge Avenger. First of all, when you press down hard on the accelerator, it hardly goes fast at all. It kinda just goes, "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr," and speeds up like a hamster on a wheel. Second, the dashboard looks like the inside of what you'd find in an adult-sized Tonka truck. Third (almost the worst of all elements), it's white. Four, it smells very much like an old woman; the perfume, the detergent, the denture cream, the hair dye. I can not WAIT to get my car back!

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