Saturday, May 23

Am I "on Twitter," or "a Twitt"?

So I've gone ahead and restored my Twitter account. This is due to the fact that I found out that one of my favorite actors tweeted something about working on the second season of his show, and I felt all left out because I didn't know that he was on Twitter. So here I sit, having restored the account. My plan, so as to keep the Twitter at a minimal distance in my head, is to not update my own tweets that often, and just check out my Twitter home page regularly to see what my people are up to.
And you know what else (in a twist that may be what saves my sanity from this whole thing), my phone, the fantastic AT&T iPhone, is not supported by Twitter, and thereby, can not receive the tweets via text message. That's the best news for me, I think. That way, Twitter works on MY schedule, and I will not be subject to jumping every time my phone gets a text. I'll know that when I get a text, it'll be for me, and not from Ashton Kutcher (who I'm actually not following because he tweets so much) talking about what he's watching on television.

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