Sunday, December 7

Is it so hard to use two hands?

So how is this for a random bit of violence against an innocent household fixture? You'll notice that this is an innocuous, benign and stagnant paper towel holder. It's red, which is why I bought it. It's metal, which is why the key for the magnetic childproof locks is on top of it. You may also notice that the rod that is supposed to hold the paper towels in place, is resting on the counter next to the holder.
Brian, in his infinite ability to have little to no patience for anything he can't do with one hand, took the pliers to the little, helpless rod that holds the towels from unraveling and snapped it right off this morning. Apparently, while attempting to pull a single towel from the holder -- with one hand -- he got frustrated with the holder that wouldn't allow the towel roll to spin quickly and freely.
I won't lie, we've had the discussion about the paper towels before. I always said, "Oh well, it holds the towels, and is only difficult for a day or two before I go through enough towels to thin the roll and make it easier to turn."
This morning, evidently, that mental note got shuffled to the side, and Brian decided to commit violence to the holder. I was still in bed when this actually happened, but noticed it almost immediately upon walking into the kitchen. (I'm a freak like that.) Because I tend to be neurotic about such things, I will keep the holder as it is, because, well, it's red and metal, and also because I know that if I buy another red and metal one like this, he'll just snap the f*cking rod of that one, too.

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pocketless 8th grader said...

I stand by Brian on that one. I hate those rods on those things. That is why I bought one with no rod, and it is mounted vertically to the cabinet next to the sink. Works great and only takes one hand to load as well.