Friday, December 19

I'm hoping for a 7 a.m. departure

It's not even close to the temperature that a penguin in a Santa suit would find comfortable, but really, this picture is too awesome not to post. I'm frickin' so excited to get to California tomorrow that I'm actually almost entirely somewhat totally packed for the trip already! Sydney's bag is packed; my bag is packed (minus the morning toiletries); the dogs have easy stuff to just toss in their bag; and the presents are already in the car. It's great! Tonight, I have to do my nails; finish packing the extra stuff (which is why the blogging is being done at 8:45 p.m. instead of 11:45 p.m.); organize the departure; and start and empty the dishwasher. The cookies for the road, I'll have you know, are already baked.
Yay California!
Honestly, I'm beyond pleased with how my week is shaping up. I'm getting to see family and friends; I'm spending time with them, too, not just a quick hello and goodbye; and I'm going to be happy, festive and relaxed about it. I feel like once we all get in the car tomorrow, I'll have to be calm about it, since there's nothing else to be done with any of it, and if something goes wrong, my mommy can help me fix it.

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