Friday, December 12

I was two when I first said it, as well

Alright, so here's a random Sydney-based post that I'll share because what happened was really frickin' funny. We were walking through the parking lot after our play class this morning. As we arrived at the car, and I reached down to pick her up. As I lifted her into my arms, my keys slipped out of my hand and hit the ground. "Shit," I mumbled as I gripped her to my side, and bent down to pick them up. And then, like little music in my ear, I hear this little angel's voice squeak as well. "Shit ... shit," it said. Then, she kinda dragged it out, really feeling it in her mouth. "Ssshhhiiittt." Of course, I had the exact opposite response as they say a parent should: I looked at her and just started cracking up. I gave her a huge, huge hug, and just kept laughing. She found this awesome, and said it again. And I laughed again. I put her in her car seat, and she said it again. Fantastic! Honestly, I couldn't stop laughing! Nor could I wait to tell her daddy. I called him from the car, and as I'm telling him, she's in the backseat repeating it! Love it! It is so much better to hear than the f-word!

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-T. said...

A little potty mouth. A woman after my own heart...and mouth =)