Thursday, December 4

21 days until Christmas

If you were to ask me what I'd been doing the last few days, I would have no idea what to tell you. I do know that I've spent the majority of those hours surrounded in various and assorted bits of Christmas. All my household decorations are up, including the stockings you see here, and I'm happy to say that my place is looking quite festive. My kitchen is usually the last section of the house to be festooned, but this time, the stockings were the last pieces to be put up. Mainly because I didn't know where to put them, until I decided that this particular wall was looking a bit naked, and was all, "What the hell, let's go all the way." And so now my living room is crazy Christmas-y with stockings taking over an entire wall.
Also, and I'll brag about this a little, I got some Christmas shopping done today! Huzzah, Target! I love it ... presents, presents, presents! It makes me so happy to buy stuff for the people I love. I spent some time with my list this morning, decided that there was no reason for me to wait until next week to get it crossed off, and dragged my baby over to Target for a second time this week. I distracted her with a bag of pretzels, handed her every toy she was interested in to occupy her while I shopped in earnest, and was able to cross off a significant portion of my list. Tonight, I regroup and prepare for another trip out into the world of gifting.

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