Sunday, May 11

That's actually one of our pictures

As far as second Mother's Days go, this one was tops, I think. I woke up to find two cards and a mocha ... and it was only 7 a.m.! Husband was out early this morning! Since the day was mine to dictate, we first enjoyed a family outing to the Desert Botanical Gardens, where we thoroughly enjoyed the seasonal butterfly pavilion. It certainly was beautiful, and a treat to watch Sydney check them out. She'd never seen so many butterflies in one place, and I just loved hearing all her oohs and aahs. We dug it. After naptime, we all took Oliver to the dog park, and then returned him home so I could enjoy one of my favorite places for lunch. The afternoon was a relaxing one, with a bunch of cartoons, dog play and random television watching involved. So this is what Mother's day is supposed to be!

And check out what my mom did yesterday! She participated in a half-marathon up in Solvang, Calif.! Here's a pic of her number and medal for finishing! She completed the course in less than four hours (3 hours, 57 minutes, 27 seconds), and is a frickin' rock star for setting a goal, training for it, and seeing it through to the end! You see, you all? You think you've got the best mom, but really, I do.

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