Monday, May 19

It's a two-hour finale tomorrow night

It's 8:10 p.m., and I'm standing in the living room doorway. Brian glances over, then returns to his SportsCenter, but says peripherally, "You're loitering. Your show must be over."
I say, with an air of melancholy, "Yes ... it is. I'm about to get my vote on."
And that, my friends, is the beginning of the last voting process I'll take part in until the next season of Dancing with the Stars, or, you know, the first Tuesday of this-coming November.
After an, I'll say it, lackluster Finals show, I've done my voting for who I think should be the next champion of DWTS. I haven't changed my mind, you know. I hope it's Kristi. I think that both Jason and Cristian had an incredible challenge put forth to them by the ice skater, and unfortunately, they just couldn't keep up. Cristian showed some weakness in tonight's contest, and sadly, all that was due to the one-armed dancing that has been so awesome the last few weeks. And Jason, well, Jason just doesn't belong there. He's said it himself, as recently as last week, and I don't think he really has the desire to win it all. I actually feel bad for Cheryl and Edyta. Both pros definitely deserve to be in the Finals. It's just such a crapshoot as to what celebrities they're going to get. I think both got a lot farther with their star then they thought the would. And for that, they all rock.

My DWTS voting (5 votes allowed):
Kristi Yamaguchi ~ 5 votes. It's cutthroat time, people. Vote for who you want to win it, and don't hold back. It's all or nothing, and Kristi got my all.
Cristian de la Fuente, Jason Taylor ~ 0 votes. They got my nothing.

I break from my tradition of only posting DWTS photos on Tuesdays in an effort to increase the good mojo for Kristi. If I put up both Jason and Cristian's photos tonight, that will leave only one more photo to be posted tomorrow. That would be Kristi's. And that would be after she's secured the win.

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