Monday, May 19

Ah, yes, the desert

So not only do I have a cold (why, oh why did the goddesses decide that I needed a cold this week?), but it's also getting to the weather when we all sit around and say, "Why the hell do we live here?" I hear that it got to 107 degrees yesterday, and should be about the same today. I think it may cool down to, I don't know, 100 or 99 degrees in a couple more days. I'm so over this already. This summer is just going to suck right out loud. And it hasn't even officially started yet.
Of course, as Brian said when I mumbled, "I hate it here," this morning, "You actually really only hate being sick. That's what's making the heat worse. But don't misunderstand, I hate it here, too." And that's truly what the issue is, too. I just really hate being sick. And being at not-100 percent when dealing with an 18-month-old ball of energy is even more tiring.

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