Wednesday, July 5

Eating French food can be a dirty job, too

Goodness gracious, my kittens!
You've been so patient with me, and my taking so very long between posts over the holiday weekend. It's just, well, really, I felt like taking a holiday from the blog too, and I hope you all can appreciate that. It's a difficult thing, coming up with all that righteous indignation, clever phrases and such on a daily basis!
So what's the what. Well, I watched a bit of a show on Discovery Channel, called Dirty Jobs. This guy, Mike Rowe, goes around the country and spends a day or two, or three, doing all the dirty jobs that are performed under society's collective radar. Jobs such as crawfish fishing, sewer cleaning, pig farming and coal-dust sweeping are among the occupations he took on in the couple shows that I saw. While the idea behind the show is great, and the host is terrific, I found myself hiding my eyes more than watching the episode, since he tended to put himself and my gag reflex in real danger.
Cars, while a cute movie, is not the best Pixar film ever made. I couldn't really tell which of them I would consider my favorite, but Monsters, Inc., and Toy Story are among the best in the genre. Still, for any of you that are considering seeing it, it is worth the money. So go, and do yourself a favor: stay well into the credits. You'll thank me for telling you.
We had dinner at a fancy French restaurant on the Cape Saturday night, a place called Chillingsworth, and used a gift certificate we got for Christmas. The meal, prix fixe of course, was seven courses. Two things stand out in my mind from the dinner: the soup was amazing, and the lemon sorbet with basil tasted like how Bactine smells. Brian's lone yummy course was his scallop appetizer. Idea: A+; restaurant: C, at best.
I got all kinds of packing done, and feel as though, yes, it can be July, because I see the light at the end of our tunnel.
Huh. Well, as it is quite late on this Wednesday evening, and I'm hungry for a brownie, I'll sign off, and wish you all a belated Happy Fourth of July!

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