Monday, July 31

Day 7: El Paso, Texas

Insanely long day in the vehicle, my friends. It feels like we drove a million miles, but I think it's more along the lines of 800. We didn't go 60, as the speed limit along most of the highway was 80, and made it to the city of El Paso in 10 hours. It's kind of a mindfuck when you condsider how big the state of Texas is.
I wish I had some great stories about our day, but really, it was spent sitting in either the driver or passenger seat watching the flat, scrub brush fly by. We stopped regularly for Oliver and I to pee, and to fill up the car, so, while we're certainly tired, I don't feel as cramped as I should. Walking around is good.
Because we spent so much time in the car today, we have splurged on ourselves and are staying at a La Quinta -- somewhere that we knew would have a decent bathroom, and where we knew we'd get a good night's sleep. (Hence, also, the wireless internet access.)
Tomorrow, after sleeping in a bit, I hope, we should make it to Sierra Vista in about 4.5 hours. A short day!!

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-T. said...

For so many reasons (many of which can be counted while driving through) it would be better for ALL of us if Texas were just a LITTLE bit smaller...