Friday, April 14

Wherefore lipemia?

I'm all stressed out, though I know that nothing could be wrong. Oliver was scheduled to have his teeth cleaned today at the vet. The drop-off went fine, and all was well until about 9:10 a.m., when they called me to tell me that they didn't like the results they got from Ollie's blood tests. Apparently, the results came back lipemic, which means an elevated level of fat in the blood. The results could indicate something as innocuous as too much fat eaten yesterday, to the more-severe liver disease. It can't be anything that serious, since we were just in for Ollie's annual check-up in February, and those blood tests showed nothing odd. Anyway, they want to send out the blood to another, more-sophisticated lab for further analysis. Because of that, they aren't comfortable putting him under general anesthesia for the teeth cleaning. So, now the Beast is just hanging out at the vet waiting for me to come get him. I'll be leaving here around 2:30 p.m. to go get him ... and I'm stressed out, even though I know that nothing could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

I am not so sure about the diagnosis is lack of hair. He is so much cuter with more fuzziness. Love you Ollie!

-T. said...

Ahh...yes...the much needed "additional tests" hmmm... I got suckered into that JUST LAST WEEK ("We want to make sure there is no liver damage, its better to find out now, don't you think?" card companys must LOVE vets.