Wednesday, April 19

Syd's back

After a four-month hiatus from ABC's primetime schedule, Alias is (FINALLY!) returning tonight with a two-hour episode. I spent some time today reading through the season five episode synopses, catching up on the action that had taken place already, and feel like I'm ... not perfectly prepared ... but better prepared for a new episode. For those of you who don't watch, the mythology, characters and action behind the show is really quite convoluted and web-y, and is more of a maze than Harry Potter's final task in Goblet of Fire. Double agents, secret organizations, crazy inventions, and a zig-zaggy plotlines keep all us fans on our toes. The remaining, and final, episodes of the show should prove to be a cornucopia of goodness though, with the return of Weiss, SpyMommy, Nadia, Sark, Rambaldi and (SPOILER ALERT!!) an un-dead Michael Vaughn.
This may be the only show that I don't resent for taking up valuable Lost time on a Wednesday night.

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pamela said...


I am in Alias heaven, and when it is gone "for good", I think I will be LOST without it.