Tuesday, April 4

Some semblance of comfort: $1

I guess you could call me a regular traveler. I'm off gallivanting with Mom this weekend, and have two trips planned for May. Yeah, I'm a regular traveler. As an airline passenger, I don't sweat the $5 drinks, or even the recently implemented $4 snack packs. Airlines need to make money, too. They're charging extra for curbside baggage check, paper tickets, and when customers feel the need to talk to a reservation agent to book a flight instead of using the Internet. These things, I understand, since what we're talking about is employees' time and effort, and paper tickets--a waste of resources when all you need to do is check in at the self-serve kiosks.
But let's just hold the phone for a minute. An article on USA Today.com today brought to light some disturbing money-making schemes that the airlines are currently considering, testing and trying out. Do you want an assigned seat, or a request filled to sit on the aisle or at a window? $10 per flight leg. Booking travel using your frequent flyer miles? $10-$50. Unaccompanied minor? $40-plus each way. Sodas, snacks, a pillow or a blanket? $1 each.
Um, are you kidding me? These people are going to try to charge us $1 for some flimsy blanket and a thin pillow? What the hell?? It's not like the pillows or blankets are expendable or anything. They reuse them for each flight, and as evidenced by their smell, are rarely put through the wash. They most certainly are not provided, new and clean, for each passenger. So, for the privilege of a cricked neck and some bit of warmth on the planes, they're all, "Gimme your money, honey. You're trapped on this freezing metal projectile, and if you're looking for any comfort at all, you gotta hand over your wallet."


Anonymous said...

I thought all that stuff was included in the cost of the ticket.

Like here wanting to charge for the plastic market bags(.17 per bag) you get for taking it home.Thought that was already in the cost of food.
Rip-off !

-T. said...

I heard about that too. I keep waiting for train travel to be supersonic so I can stick out my tongue to the entire airline industry. Doesn't it just tell the story that an industry that keeps needing government bailouts thinks that charging $1 for a blanket is the way to make up the difference. Brillance. First a CEO of an airline; next step President.