Tuesday, April 25

Hotels are red, houses are green

Now, you too can help shape the future of a Monopoly game! The newest version of the popular real estate game is due out this fall, and Hasbro is looking for our help in creating the properties that will be featured on it. Click here through May 12, and you can vote on landmarks in 22 different U.S. cities, and those with the most votes earn themselves a place on the board. I did my voting yesterday, and was surprised by a couple of the front runners so far. Waikiki Beach has more votes than Diamond Head? The White House over both the Lincoln and Washington monuments?
The game, first sold by Charles Darrow in 1933, became America's most popular board game a short three years later, permanently solidifying it, and the shoe, hat and dog pieces, in the country's pop culture history. This new version, "Here and Now," looks like it might be pretty cool actually, although I've never been a big fan of the game. (It takes so long to play, and really, there's just too much math.)


Anonymous said...

They should have a gas station on there and when you land on it it sends you back home.

-T. said...

I totally agree! I was surprised about the DC and Hawaii choices too...I was even a LITTLE surprised about the front runner in Miami. Hands down..I agree with Phoenix's front runner..and in Boston, I agreed with the front runner.