Friday, April 14

The Bunny's comin'

So Easter is right around the corner, and so far, we've got no plans to celebrate the bunny. I'm decidedly lacking in Easter festive-ness this year, mainly, I think, because I didn't decorate my house or anything; we aren't coloring eggs; we've got no family plans for food (don't misunderstand -- that's a good thing); and I'm cutting back on the candy. I've had, so far, only one small Palmer's hollow chocolate bunny. (I do have another bunny for Sunday though.) Brian put a ban on Peeps this year, and if you can believe it, I'm not missing them that much. Mom bought us some See's scotchmallow eggs, so those will be good. But aside from the chocolate goodness, I think we'll be pretty Easter-less this weekend. (Fun Easter bunnies photo is courtesy of Nicole.)
I'd love to have tickets to a Red Sox game or something, or some plans to hang outside for a time. Actually, if the weather's decent, I may just grab a book and some water and head over to the park for some sunshine-y reading.

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Pamela said...

Purple PEEP chicks!