Saturday, August 5

We may have to live life without pics, though

And may the blogging commence!
So I figured out what the problem was about the blogging, or lack thereof. I hate, hate, hate going to the desktop computer in the office to blog in the dark of night. The lights in my office don't light exactly how I like them to, I guess, and the chair isn't too comfy, and it's dusty, and all kinds of reasons. But the main thing is that I couldn't just sit on my bed and write.
That has been fixed, we think, with Mom's new freebie Samsung tablet, and the awesome little keyboard that connects to it. I now have internet and blog access from my bed again, and I think it'll work out well.
We'll see though! But here we are!

UPDATE: We may not have the joy of accompanying photos, though, as the tablet is making it difficult for me to place any of the corresponding artwork exactly where I want it to go. And you don't even know how particular I am about the exactness of my images on this thing.

UPDATE #2: I added this picture on the desktop computer. What may happen, is that photos may or may not get put up at the same time as the posts.

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