Monday, August 7

Perhaps the dumbest thing to happen ever

This is my hand after uncooperative car keys. As you can see, I did not have a particularly good afternoon. Because after all, it's all fun and games until the keys won't turn in the ignition.
The ouchy there was way worse earlier in the day, but the benefit of hours have dimmed it and made it less painful in general. No kidding, the key wouldn't turn in the ignition. I muscled that goddamn key for so long it made me laugh and almost cry in frustration at the same time. I called Volkswagen and talked to Jon, who talked me through all the little jiggling and wiggling things that might work which I had already done. He told me that he had a car for me whenever I got there; it was just a matter of getting the car there. AAA was on the spot, sort of, in that they were quick to my phone call, and quick to all that, but the wait of 75 minutes wasn't working for me. I had a kid to pick up in 60 minutes.
One of my coworkers was kind enough to drive me to the dealership so I could pick up the loaner car before AAA even got to my car, so I was able to break out and pick up Sydney on time.
Fun potential issue with the car? A busted ignition lock. Something that Jon has seen before, so it's not an anomaly, but not anything that happens all that often. So here I sit, waiting for that shoe to drop. Here's hoping that once that is fixed that'll be the last of it for a while.
You don't know, because I haven't blogged, but the car has been a bit of a pain in the ass over the last year. But I love it, and I don't want a new car payment, so we keep throwing this shit on the credit card and hopefully, we'll get the whole damn thing taken care of at some point.

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