Tuesday, August 8

My Jetta spoils me

Until today, I never realized how dependent I had become on my Jetta's delightful turbo engine.
As you know, the Jetta was in the shop because of the key not turning, and I ended up driving a newer loaner Jetta from the dealership all day today. The loaner Jetta did not have a turbo engine, and oh my goodness, was that obvious to me as I drove around today. The car would not go. I'd turn a corner, press the gas pedal, and the car would lag and rev and be all kinds of slow in getting up to speed. I tried to pass someone on the freeway, and the damn thing would NOT move fast enough. I punched the accelerator, and little to nothing would happen before the car just started to cry and whine at me.
I said to Brian, "I never realized how much I enjoy driving a turbo." His response: "I think anyone who's ever ridden in the car with you knows how much you enjoy a turbo engine."
That was funny, but so truthful that it was jarring. I love driving fast. I love having the power beneath my foot when I press the gas pedal. It's a weird sense of vulnerability when the car doesn't go how you want it to. I love having the confidence in knowing that whatever I want from the car, it will give me.
You know what this means, of course. Never again will I drive without a turbo engine. ... And seat warmers. ... And satellite radio.

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