Wednesday, October 5

Happy October, a few days belated

The days get away from me, you guys. And I really don't find myself feeling like I need to blog a lot lately. I don't know if it's a laziness thing, or a boredom thing, or what, but I find myself perfectly okay with letting days go by without posting anything here. That was never the case before.
Before, I was driven to write about stuff. I was creatively stifled in my daily life, I guess, and unable to express myself any other way, I suppose, and the blog was the best way of doing that. I didn't feel beholden to anyone but me to write anything.
But I can take it or leave it lately, and that's both liberating and terrifying. I miss the blogging, but I don't miss the doing it. That is incredibly contradictory, I know, but I'm feeling super contradictory about it. So there.

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