Thursday, August 25

Photographic shrines to the rescue

So I’ve been dealing with my grief in a variety of ways. The most popular being, of course, crying into my pillow at night, but I’ve also discovered a project that was a bit more cathartic than I had thought it would be at first. I had settled on creating a photographic shrine to Oliver last week, and settled into the task of finding the right images and frame over the weekend. I scrolled through my phone and computer and found a buttload of images to print out, and then went about the business of finding the right frame. Home Goods struck out, but Target had the ideal frame for me. I had to decide which images I wanted blown up into an 8x10 and two 5x7s, but once that was figured out, I had hit pay dirt with the whole enterprise.
But in the process of creating the remembrance, I realized that our sweet Daisy really deserved one, as well. I played around with the idea of using a different frame, but in the end, decided that two of the same frame would really go together better on the wall, and pay the proper homage to them both. So my task today has been to choose the right 8x10 and two 5x7s for Daisy and order them to be printed, and I’ve done that. The only real hitch in my get-along would be for Target to not have another one of the frames, but I think I should be okay there. There were plenty on Saturday. I doubt they’ve had a rush for them.
So in the next couple days, I’ll have them both properly memorialized in the home (aside from where their ashes sit, of course). I’m pretty happy with that, and like I said, this project has made me feel a bit better. Now every time I come up the stairs, I’ll see their happy faces, and that is a good thing.

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