Saturday, July 16

Today, told in a story of men

The first of which, an older man, did a favor for someone. He wasn't asked to do the favor. He took the favor upon himself to do, and apparently did it just fine. The favor was appreciated, to be sure, though one always questions why someone would think that they could make decisions for another someone, and then just do it without asking the person if they were okay with the favor. But, what's done is done, and we just hope that the favor continues to be a favor instead of a screw-up.
The favor, of course, cost money to accomplish. When the man was asked what was owed to repay the favor, his response was, "You're my slave forever." Problem. Taken literally, what the hell would possess someone who does a favor without being asked, to expect someone to be so indebted to them that they would be their "slave forever"?
Secondly, as they presumably mutually consider each other friends, it's insulting that the man would suggest any other repayment, like the obvious financial kind (duh), as something sexual. And don't tell me that he didn't mean it sexually. Ew. Just ew.
Three, you weren't asked to do this favor, and you didn't have permission to do this favor, so technically you spent someone else's money without the person's knowledge or consent, which is really kinda stealing. You shouldn't get paid back for it.
Four: Dude. What the actual f*ck is up with that. I can only presume that your age and generational outlook on women would make you think that a "joke" like that would be considered even the slightest bit funny. It's not. And perhaps the person you told your "joke" to may not be as insulted and irritated by it, but I certainly am.
The second man, a considerably younger man, answered a question and was helpful. Sydney and I visited Best Buy today to get some noise-reducing headphones for her because she's sensitive to loud noise and we're going to go see Meghan Trainor next weekend. I asked the guy at the front where such headphones were, and he pointed me to the area, explaining that the Beats, Bose, and Sony headphones would probably be my best bet. Certainly, Best Buy guy. I'm sure the $300 headphones would do a great job, but no.
We were stuck in the headphone aisle, trying to find the cheapest set that still would protect the baby's hearing, when the young man who worked in that area asked if we needed help. I told him our predicament, and after some thought, he made a suggestion: "You know, I go to a lot of concerts, and I see a whole lot of people wearing those earplugs that shooters wear. You know, the guys at the shooting range? Those plugs will dull the noise of the gun, but the shooters can still hear someone if they're loud enough. You should find those, and see how they would do. Go somewhere where they sell guns, and you'll find them."
The kid was totally right, and we found them in the gun section of our local Wal-Mart, which I knew sold guns because Wal-Mart. The plugs' cost? A whopping $1.97 for six pairs. Sweet. He gave me hope for the male portion of our species.
Bonus third man story goes to the "helper" in the Wal-Mart gun section who, when asked where the earplugs were, stood right where he was, pointed to the full and long aisle to his right, and said, "They're right there. I can see them," and then went back to his business of offering huge guns at a discount price, but no additional information.

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