Friday, July 29

The donkeys are amazing, yes?

11:45 a.m.: I played around with the idea of calling in sick today, and honestly, I should have. It’s been slow all week, where the only thing to do is hunt for things to do. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I hang out on Twitter. But I think I spent a collective three hours just staring at my computer screen on each of the last two days. I anticipate more of the same today.
I didn’t call in sick today though because I may do it on Monday, depending on how the weekend goes, and how badly I just need to not spend the day hanging out staring at my computer screen. The kicker is that no one else is busy, and it’s super quiet. Like, legit, we all could have taken the week off and no one would have missed anything. That’s how dead it is right now. Apparently, it is supposed to ramp up next week, but who knows. And next Friday the office is closed anyway.
At any rate, I probably should have stayed home with my kid and gone to see Ghostbusters.
10:24 p.m.: I spent the entire day at work, and was pretty bored for a majority of it. I'm beyond excited that at this moment, I'm not going to work for a couple days. And during those couple days, Mom will be arriving for a several-day-long visit. And that's awesome.

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