Sunday, July 10

So frickin' much PINK

You remember my not-pink-enough quilt that's been bugging me with its less than pinkness? Well I went ahead with the pink dying today, and I really wish I hadn't. According to the instructions, I should have used one packet of dye for every like three pounds of fabric or something like that. So it's a king-sized quilt, so I used three packets of dye.
We did the process just fine, because the quilt definitely dyed. What isn't just fine is how frickin' PINK my quilt is now. I was hoping for a nice pastel pink, and what I have now is a definite bubblegum pink. It's so pink it affects the wall color when walking into the room. It is SO pink. I'm at a loss, because I knew that I should have gone one packet at a time. In fact, that was the plan. But then I read the instructions. I let the correct instructions mess with my head, and now my pink quilt messes with my head.
I keep telling myself that I'll get used to it, but I really don't think I will. I hate it quite a bit.

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