Saturday, July 30

Olympics to take over my life in six days

Of the three library books I have in my house right now, one will be returned tomorrow, and the other two will be sitting on the To-Be-Read Pile for at least three weeks. Thankfully, they both have multiple renewals available. The one I'm returning tomorrow does not, and it's due on Friday, but I know I won't get to it this week because Mom will be here and she's more entertaining than the latest Brad Meltzer.
Why will they be sitting for so long? Obviously, Mom being here for a week is a factor. But more than that, the Olympics are beginning on Friday, and they are definitely going to take up a huge chunk of my nights. I won't even try to lie to myself and say that maybe I'll get one read during that time frame. I know myself and my love of the Olympics way better than that.
So books, magazines, other television shows and all that stuff will just be hanging out for a while. I'm okay with that. Go Team U.S.A.!!

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