Saturday, July 9

Hot Saturday night activities: ITEM! list

ITEM!: Sydney's friend is here tonight for a sleepover, and because I did not allow Syd to plan the activities, I think it will be a smashing success. We went swimming, ate pizza, and watched "Mary Poppins." The girls stayed up chatting until 11 or so. Tomorrow morning, I'll make blueberry muffins.
ITEM!: We tried a new ice cream shop, which makes customizable ice cream sandwiches, for our family sweet snack this afternoon, and we were not impressed. The cookies weren't terribly yummy, so the whole sandwich kind of suffered. And the shop didn't have straight strawberry ice cream. How is that possible? Seems like a huge oversight, but whatever. Brian announced that he'll never need to go back there. Syd didn't like hers at all. We'll be fine with DQ for a while now.
ITEM!: We did discover an Italian deli though, while we were out and about getting ice cream. We picked up a container of their homemade sauce, which is delicious, and are eager to make some spaghetti tomorrow night for dinner. We bought that edamame spaghetti at Costco, so we'll roll the dice with that, but I think it'll be a super tasty dinner.
ITEM!: I ran all my errands on my own today, which gave me the luxury of wandering Target alone. I picked up a pile of socks to supplement the sock inventory I have, since I'll be cleaning out said inventory soon, and donating the socks I don't want anymore. We'll have to hit Target again soon fr school supplies too, which is my favorite thing to do. I love, love, love buying new school supplies! I saw a Dory and Hank spiral notebook that I'll take for myself when we do out shopping. I think we'll go soon too, so we don't have to pick through the leftovers, or be crowded while making decisions. I hate to be jostled when shopping.

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