Monday, July 11

All I'm missing is the chandelier

ITEM!: Mom and I are creating a kind of bleach-positive response to my too-pink quilt, and I'll go that route on Saturday. Apparently, mixing a cup of bleach into the washing machine water, just as I did the dye, will lighten up the quilt without that random tie-dye effect one gets with accidental bleaching results. Will it work as I want? Only time, and the bleach, will tell. But I'm definitely trying it, because I can't live with the pink going on right now. You see this pic to the left? That is legit how I feel like my bedroom looks right now. A vomitous explosion of bright, unrelenting and cavity-inducing pink.
ITEM!: I have an incredible laundry list of things that need to be fixed on my car right now, and the dealer wants the GDP of a small country to fix it, so I'm on the hunt for an independent Volkswagen shop in Scottsdale to take care of it for less. There is nothing better than Google, you guys, because that little dude helped me find three different shops within my acceptable distance radius. I'll be making some phone calls tomorrow to see what it would cost me to get the brakes fixed, and to hook myself up with some free inspections.
ITEM!: Speaking of the car, I have another lovely crack going across my windshield. You won't believe me, but it didn't even start with any rock impact. I know I'm a magnet for rocks, but this crack, no shit, just appeared the other morning. And now it's doubled in length, and is starting to creep up into my eye line. That's not good, so yet another phone call tomorrow will be to the insurance company's glass claim department.
ITEM!: And as for the kiddo and her ongoing summer camp scheduling, I was stuck on the final two weeks of the summer, but I think I have finally solved my problem. For the one that, if I remember right, had the crazy expensive after-care hours, I've decided that we'll only do half-days. That way I can pick her up on my lunch hour, and she'll still have five hours of activity and fun for the day. The other week is a second week of the other camp that she liked. Happily, the very last week of the summer will be hanging out with Grandma. ... But just so I don't get too excited about a normal schedule again, I've also started the list of camps to remember for next year.
ITEM!: I had hoped for an early bedtime tonight, but my surge of productivity took some precious minutes away from sleep, so I'm just now settling in and dosing myself with the NyQuil. Who knows if I'll get any of it done tomorrow, but at least I have a list. 

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