Tuesday, June 28

Now, off to bed I go. Sleep, glorious sleep

I just spent the last five minutes laying on my back on my bed with my shoulders hanging off the side so I could stretch out my rib cage. I've been hunched over and coughing so much over the last several days that I'm honestly surprised that there's no bruising over my sternum. I'm so sore and over this cold, you guys. I should not have gone into work yesterday, but I did. I should not have stayed at work until 10:25 last night, but I did. I absolutely should have left this afternoon when I did, so I could spend the remainder of the day chilling out.
I expect to be feeling better tomorrow morning. I've already taken my NyQuil for the evening, and having finished up the blog relatively early (as of now), I should have a good night's sleep.

[Editor's note: Sydney's in art camp this week. Today's accompanying image is courtesy of a piece she did today.]

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