Thursday, June 23

I will return my library book on time

For the past several months, I've owed 60 cents to the library in late-book fees. I've been angsting about it a lot, because I don't like owing the library money. It's so good to me, and I don't want it to be mad at me. The hitch in the paying-off-the-library get-along is that there is nowhere to pay my fine inside the library itself. This has bothered me for all these many months, but I've decided that if they let me continue to borrow books, I shouldn't be too concerned.
But then, I was a couple days late with a "new" fiction book. I turned it in today when I went by to pick up the books I had on hold. I hadn't intended on it being late; I just forgot when it was due.
Anyway, the library obviously has a minimum amount you have to hit for late fees before they make it known that said fees need to be paid. So when I checked my account tonight, there was an awesome little notice for the $1.60 I owed (looks like "new" books are more expensive when they're late), and a link to a third-party payment site. I clicked on the site, entered in my payment information, and then, boom, no more debt owed to the library.
It's stupid how much better I feel about my patronage at the library now. Before, I felt like I was a bad seed of some kind; a criminal, if you will. Now that I'm in good standing again, I will read with the clearest of conscience, and be happy about it. Duly noted: Owe more than a dollar, and they'll let you know where you can pay. You will not be forsaken.

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