Tuesday, June 14

I should wear black and yellow tomorrow

Is it a promotion when you've been handed a whole lot of new and extended responsibility at work? If so, then I got promoted today. I'm the lead editor on a magazine now (which is something I've done before, in 2001-02, but I got paid better for it). At any rate, now I'm responsible for a whole lot more editorial. I've been working the last two days to catch up with what's going on, and I'll probably need another day or two before I have. I think we're in good shape, though, and I'm eager to get the ball rolling in real time, instead of from yesterday, you know?
I need a new spiral notebook, I think. But the legal notepad I'm using currently is doing well enough. I feel like my practical tools aren't as great as they should be, but I know that I'm on top of most everything, so maybe I need to be more confident in my brain tools, rather than question where I'm keeping track of everything. Not to worry, self, I'm on it.

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