Thursday, June 30

I like an afternoon off. It's good for me

It was the weirdest feeling this afternoon when I got home, because I felt, in my bones, that today was Friday. And every time I had to make myself realize that it was, instead, Thursday, I died a little bit inside. I keep hoping that the boss will spring a surprise afternoon without work on us tomorrow, but I can, and totally can not, see that happening. I will spend my morning in blissful anticipation of that happening though, because I am an optimist.
We don't actually use a time clock. I'm thinking about it now, and the last time I used a real time clock was when I worked at Pottery Barn, but also I had to check in with one when I was working for that one magazine. And they would get pissy about me being two, three or four minutes late. My suspicion is that they only got pissy with me. Where I am now is pretty lax with arrival times in the morning, so that's nice. I remember when I was working at the magazine downtown, and the big boss brought the sign-in sheet into his office so everyone had to go in there to sign in after 9 a.m. that morning. Thankfully, my actual boss walked into the office right after me, so he drew the big boss's attention more than I.
I have no idea why I went on that tangent. Time clocks suck. And I hope I get out early tomorrow.

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